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Press releases of Ohnhäuser GmbH

12.02.2016 · Ohnhäuser at the 19th training and study fair in Aalen, Germany

We would like to invite you to come and find our about th ...weiter

22.01.2016 · Together against leukaemia!

We are proud to thank our employees for participating in  ...weiter

18.01.2016 · Filming for startbahnsüd.de

Last Friday, our apprentices were in front of the camera  ...weiter

09.12.2015 · Aapprentice information evening at the Ohnhäuser GmbH

On the 12th of December 2015 Ohnhäuser GmbH organized an  ...weiter

29.10.2015 · Ohnhäuser apprentices visit Schwäbische Post in Aalen

Yesterday the company Ohnhäuser accepted an invitation fr ...weiter

12.10.2015 · Ohnhäuser says THANK YOU for 220 years of company loyalty

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is prog ...weiter

06.10.2015 · Congratulations on successfully completed apprenticeships

The Ohnhäuser GmbH congratulates its four trainees for su ...weiter

22.09.2015 · 2015 apprenticeship excursion to climbing park

This year’s excursion was to the Hohenhohe climbing park  ...weiter

28.05.2015 · Ohnhäuser provides training

Ohnhäuser was again pleased to congratulate six apprentic ...weiter

26.05.2015 · Ohnhäuser wins the Lauber Whitsun tournament again in 2015

This year, Ohnhäuser GmbH has won the Lauber SV trophy fo ...weiter

22.04.2015 · Ohnhäuser supplies components and subassemblies for Airbus A320 family

• Biggest contract in the company’s 60-year history • Co ...weiter

28.10.2014 · More excellent results for Ohnhäuser apprentices

Ohnhäuser proudly honoured its apprentices, who again per ...weiter

16.10.2014 · Ohnhäuser says thank you for 240 years ...

... of loyal service to the company. This year, Ohnhäus ...weiter

08.10.2014 · 27 Ohnhäuser apprentices get the ball rolling

This year again, the apprentices of Ohnhäuser were presen ...weiter

30.05.2014 · Outstanding performance on further training programme

Ohnhäuser GmbH: Stefan Schneider is a state-certified tec ...weiter

14.10.2013 · Ohnhäuser honours 195 years of loyal service to the company

Last Friday Ohnhäuser honoured ten well-deserving employe ...weiter

05.09.2013 · Ohnhäuser apprentices’ excursion 2013

The apprentices of Ohnhäuser from Wallerstein showed lots ...weiter

31.07.2013 · Successful completion of apprenticeships at Ohnhäuser in 2013

1 prize and 3 commendations. The apprentices at Ohnhäuser ...weiter

19.06.2013 · Application period for the 2014 training runs

Also in the year 2014, Ohnhäuser offering several places  ...weiter

28.11.2012 · Teaching staff on an excursion

Teaching staff of the Mechanical Engineering, Electrical  ...weiter

12.11.2012 · 160 years of loyalty to the company – Ohnhäuser says thank you

Last Friday, Ohnhäuser GmbH honoured nine employees who a ...weiter

14.09.2012 · Early examination successful – Ohnhäuser GmbH ...

... offers congratulations. It has almost become a tradit ...weiter

03.09.2012 · Ohnhäuser welcomes ten new apprentices

Last Friday the time had come for Ohnhäuser GmbH to welco ...weiter

10.05.2012 · Lean management at Ohnhäuser

Back in February, the lean management project was started ...weiter

15.12.2011 · Four hundred guests at employee event – You’re the Voice

Last Friday under the theme – You’re the Voice – Ohnhäuse ...weiter

21.11.2011 · Ohnhäuser honours 295 years of loyal service to the company

Last week, the management of Ohnhäuser GmbH honoured 16 e ...weiter

20.10.2011 · Employee event at Ohnhäuser on 09.12.2011

The Ohnhäuser employers solve the great mystery! As al ...weiter

16.09.2011 · HOLOS employee further training at Ohnhäuser

Zeiss IMT conducted an in-house software training session ...weiter

01.08.2011 · Employee event at Ohnhäuser on 9 December 2011

Great events are shaping the future! For a week now, t ...weiter

27.07.2011 · Ohnhäuser congratulates apprentices on passing ...

... early examination. For the second time this year, Oh ...weiter

15.07.2011 · Ground-breaking ceremony for the extension of the production hall

On 14 July 2011, the ground-breaking ceremony for the ext ...weiter

19.05.2011 · Ohnhäuser receives an award from Recaro

On 17 May 2010, Recaro Aircraft Seating presented the fir ...weiter

06.04.2011 · Ohnhäuser provides training

Ohnhäuser was again pleased to congratulate eight apprent ...weiter

12.03.2011 · Ohnhäuser receives QSF-B certification

Ohnhäuser GmbH was recently certified by EUROCOPTER Donau ...weiter

10.11.2009 · Ohnhäuser honours five long-serving employees

Ohnhäuser honoured five well-deserving employees for thei ...weiter

02.05.2009 · A bridge between industry and education

As part of a teacher’s further training programme in scho ...weiter

06.03.2009 · Danube Ries Lebenshilfe association for the disabled ...

... at Ohnhäuser. The family support service/open work wi ...weiter

12.12.2008 · Ohnhäuser important impetus in the Danube-Ries ...

... administrative district. The mayors of the Danube-Ri ...weiter

08.12.2008 · Eleven long-serving employees at Ohnhäuser

There was a reason to celebrate at Ohnhäuser GmbH when el ...weiter

02.12.2008 · University President Prof. Schurk guest at Ohnhäuser

Together with the Chairman of the TCW shareholders’ meeti ...weiter

15.11.2008 · Ohnhäuser trains eleven apprentices

Ohnhäuser GmbH welcomed eleven new apprentices to start t ...weiter

15.09.2008 · Four Ohnhäuser apprentices have their apprenticeship ...

... periods reduced. Based on very good work, four appre ...weiter

21.04.2008 · Markus Greiner is awarded the master prize of the...

... government of Bavaria. Markus Greiner is awarded the ...weiter

02.04.2008 · Gustav Ohnhäuser receives a golden master craftsman’s ...

... certificate. Gustav Ohnhäuser receives the golden mas ...weiter

01.02.2008 · Ohnhäuser bids farewell to Emil Prießnitz

Ohnhäuser bids farewell to Emil Prießnitz who is taking h ...weiter

12.02.2016 · Ohnhäuser at the 19th training and study fair in Aalen, Germany

We would like to invite you to come and find our about the recognised trade of cutting machine operator at Ohnhäuser GmbH. On 20.02.2016, our team will be at the East Wurttemberg training fair in the vocational training centre in...more

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