18. Februar 2019

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Apprenticeship as cutting machine operator

Each year Ohnhäuser GmbH provides around 10 apprenticeship places. There are currently 25 junior employees in the team. Here at Ohnhäuser we place great value on qualified training, since the apprentices we train are the basis for the future.

What you will learn

Cutting machine operators mainly manufacture precision parts from metal using machining techniques such as turning, milling or grinding. The work pieces are normally produced in serial production on CNC-controlled tool machines that are set up, commissioned and supervised by cutting machine operators. In addition to production documentation, you will put together work pieces to form complete assemblies. You will also perform quality checks on the work pieces for dimensional accuracy and surface quality etc.

What to expect

  • An interesting, varied and exciting apprenticeship
  • A comprehensive insight into a modern company
  • Working in a friendly team
  • Permanent employment on completion of your apprenticeship

What we require from you

  • Secondary school leaving qualification or mittlere Reife (General Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • Technical understanding
  • Spatial awareness
  • Enjoyment of manual work

Further information

Further information on practical and theoretical training is available from the Training Centre of the IHK Ostwürttemberg, information on the job profile form the Federal Employment Office.

12.02.2016 · Ohnhäuser at the 19th training and study fair in Aalen, Germany

We would like to invite you to come and find our about the recognised trade of cutting machine operator at Ohnhäuser GmbH. On 20.02.2016, our team will be at the East Wurttemberg training fair in the vocational training centre in...more

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