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Approaching from Dinkelsbühl

From the A7 take the motorway exit 112 Dinkelsbühl/Fichtenau and take the St2218/U15 towards Dinkelsbühl. From the A6, leave the motorway at exit 45 Feuchtwangen-Nord, take the B25/U15 towards Feuchtwangen and Dinkelsbühl. In Dinkelsbühl, follow the B25 for approx. 30 minutes and drive through Wilburgstetten, Fremdingen and Markoffingen until you reach Wallerstein.

Approaching from Nuremberg/Oettingen

Leave the A6 at exit 45 Schwabach-West and take the B466 towards Gunzenhausen. Follow the road for approx. 50 minutes through Oettingen in Bavaria and continue in the direction of Nördlingen. In Löpsingen, turn right on the Löpsinger road in the direction of Wallerstein.

Approaching from Augsburg/Donauwörth

Leave the A8 at motorway exit Augsburg-West and take the B2 towards Meitingen and Donauwörth. From Donauwörth, turn onto the B16 in the direction of Dillingen and then immediately turn onto the St2212 in the direction of Nördlingen.  In Nördlingen, change to the B29 direction Bopfingen/Aalen and just after Nördlingen, turn into the B25. After 5 minutes, you will reach Wallerstein.

Approaching from Ulm/Heidenheim

At the motorway exist 116 Heidenheim, leave the A7 and drive in the direction of Nattheim/Neresheim on the B466. Follow this road for about 30 minutes until Nördlingen. There change to the B29 direction Bopfingen/Aalen. Just after the exit from Nördlingen, turn right towards Wallerstein.

Approaching from Aalen/Bopfingen

Leave the A7 at the exit 114 Aalen-Westhausen and turn onto the B29 direction Bopfingen/Nördlingen. Follow the road for approx. 30 minutes and between Pflaumloch and Nördlingen turn left to Wallerstein.

Approaching from Ellwangen

Turn off the A7 at motorway exit 113 Ellwangen and onto the L1060 in the direction of Wallerstein and Nördlingen. Follow the road for approx. 30 minutes through Röhlingen, Zöbingen, Kerkingen, Dirgenheim and Benzenzimmern until you reach Wallerstein.

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